Heinous Fuckery (Week Three – Part Two)

The beautiful sunrise was the only good part of the day spent in North Carolina. The reviews that Fox’s beloved had found on the campsite has said that the place was supposed to be fairly unused and quiet, but that turned out to be anything except the truth. By three in the afternoon all of... Continue Reading →


Heinous Fuckery (Week Three, part One)

The trip to North Carolina was far longer than Fox and their beloved had originally planned for, the trip that was supposed to take only four hours ended up taking nearly ten. This meant the trio ended up setting the tent up in the dark at midnight with the help of flashlights. Once the tent... Continue Reading →

Camp Set-Up – Week One

Getting the two tents set up wasn’t too much trouble for Fox and their companions, the first larger tent was designed to pop-up into place making the installation of the tent in the camping space rather easy. The second tent, a smaller three person one, was for the teen so he could have his own space. Fox watched and gave advice as the teen set his tent up and helped when needed. It was a good exercise for the offspring, even if they weren’t living in a state of homelessness. Knowing basic camping skills was always helpful, regardless of the situation.

August 4, 2018 – The Beginning

The morning of August 4th, 2018 was unlike most other mornings since April of that year. Until that day a typical morning consisted of waking, perhaps eating breakfast and resuming the nanodegree program from Udacity that Fox had earned in front-end web development. Over the past few weeks they had really struggled with connecting with their peers as well as over-coming the challenges that living in a hotel and being nearly homeless on a weekly basis brought.

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