Heinous Fuckery (Week Three – Part Two)

The beautiful sunrise was the only good part of the day spent in North Carolina. The reviews that Fox’s beloved had found on the campsite has said that the place was supposed to be fairly unused and quiet, but that turned out to be anything except the truth.

By three in the afternoon all of the remaining campsites were filled and their new residents began their partying. Despite there being numerous places in the park stating that alcohol was not allowed, the new adult campers failed to adhere to that rule and began to openly drink while their children ran around the campsite unsupervised screaming to the top of their lungs.

To make things worse, when ‘quite time’ for the park came the campers were still screaming, drinking, having loud sex in the wooded areas, and going to other campsites to snoop around the other tents that didn’t belong to them.

It was well past midnight when Fox had enough of the screaming and drinking when there were posted quiet hours. “It’s 12:48,” they growled their voice raised enough so the other partying campers could hear. The retort Fox got angered them to the point where they had to leave the site. “Then go to sleep,” came the reply, then a round of laughter and children screaming.

‘That’s it. We’re leaving and calling the police,” Fox told their beloved as they began to break down camp. “It’s not safe here, drunk people are stupid people.”

Once the deed was done and everything packed up Fox’s beloved called the local sheriff’s office to report the out of control and disruptive behavior that was clearly against the park rules. Rather than immediately go to the park to address the behavior, the local sheriff demanded to meet them to file a complaint.

Reluctantly, Fox drove to an agreed location where their beloved met with the officer. It was clear that the sheriff didn’t car about the disruptive and potentially dangerous behavior but sat in his car making Fox’s beloved stand in the muggy night while he ran the plates on the family’s vehicle. Then demanded identification of Fox’s spouse.

Listening to the interchange between the two, it became clear to Fox that the officer really didn’t care about the safety of the other campers there. The officer claimed that he was going to “take care” of the party-goers and left the parking lot.

No more than a minute or two after the officer left, the family left the parking lot as well, heading in the same direction. In a matter of five or ten minutes the family passed the police officer who was sitting in a parking lot near the entrance to the park. There was no way that the officer could have driven down the long gravel road that led to the campsite in the park and drive back out.

Fox sighed as they passed the parked police officer, “guess they really don’t care about people’s safety after all.” Fox glanced at the clock, the low fuel in the car and sighed again. “I think we can make it to Norfolk, but that’ll be as far as we can go.”

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